DermaWand Pro Anti-Aging Device (Exclusive: free pouch)


Introducing the new DermaWand pro, 50% more powerful than regular DermaWand Classic

The non-invasive solution to look years younger. DermaWand is clinically proven to help soften fine lines/wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. Simulates and rejuvenates by sending out a gentle stream of low level micro-current impulses up to 100,000 cycles per second, to massage your skin, improve circulation bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin’s surface. DermaWand employs radio frequency technology similar to the large clinical machines used by medical and skin care specialists, but with a lower frequency and amplitude, that is safe for daily home use.

  • FDA Cleared
  • Visibly Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Tones and Tightens Saggy Skin
  • Helps Reduce Enlarged Pores and Uneven Texture
  • Reduces the Look of Puffy Eyes


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LOOK YEARS YOUNGER. Using radio frequency technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Introducing the new DermaWand pro, 50% more powerful than regular DermaWand Classic

We made DermaWand Pro 50% more powerful by adding three extra Toning levels to make treatments more versatile for your neck, Face, eyes, decollete and back of your legs & arms.  New DermaWand Pro is thinner, lighter and with soft grips easier to hold and use.


  • Clinically provento improve your appearance. Skin appears more lifted, toned and tightened.
  • Reduces pores and evens skin tone and texture. Improves crow’s feet, laugh Lines, lip lines, forehead wrinkles
  • Proven results, at home use, affordable, safe and painless, Millions sold worldwide.

DermaWand Pro Technology

  • Thermal Energy: The gentle microcurrent and radio frequency technologies deliver thermal energy under the skin’s surface. Increasing dermal skin temperature may help promote skin’s healthy appearance.
  • Instant Stimulation: DermaWand Pro’s next generation technology delivers gentle energy to the skin at 100,000 micro pulses per second, generating a massage effect. Massage helps increase circulation which brings fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface.
  • Oxygenation: DermaWand Pro’s patented technology gives off enriched oxygen, bathing your skin in O3 and giving a fresh, ‘after rainstorm’ fragrance. Enriched oxygen can help breathe new life into your skin. And DermaWand Pro technology can even help reduce pore size.

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