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DermaWand Technology


Take Years Off Your Appearance and Rediscover Your Youthful Beauty​

DermaWand uses the same technology as the big radio frequency machines that professionals use for treatments to help manage the signs of premature aging. The difference: DermaWand uses lower frequency and amplitude that’s perfect for everyday in-home use. Like the big machines, DermaWand provides instant stimulation, thereby providing a massage effect while at the same time delivering thermal energy and enriched oxygen. The results – an improvement in overall global facial appearance with only 2 treatments that can take as little as three minutes each. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of going to a professional!​




In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial*, DermaWand® alone delivered a statistically significant improvement in the eyebrows lifting effect as compared to a placebo result.

Scientific evidence to support this claim was published March, “The Journal Of Cosmetic And Laser Therapy”, a peer reviewed medical journal.

IMPROVED RESULTS DELIVERED BY DERMAWAND® WERE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN*: Compared to the placebo, DermaWand alone delivered these improvements;​

 Reduced Crow Feet Wrinkle Depth​
 Reduced Nasolabial Fold Depth​
 Reduced Underneath Eye Wrinkle Depth​
 Reduced Pores Surface Area​
 Increased Skin Elasticity​
 Increased Skin Moisturization​
 Increased Skin Radiance​
 Reduction in Neck & Face Wrinkles​
 Reduction in Eye Bag Appearance

*The above results were confirmed in the DermaWand trial conducted by Farcodem s.r.l. 100 person, 30 day randomized double-blind placebo-controlled. Both control & placebo groups used DermaVitál Pre-Face & Skin Quench topicals. Control group used active DermaWands, placebo group used identical looking placebo wand. Results for above claims objectively recorded by Corneometer, Cutometer & Primos 3 D. Only statistically significant results considered.​

Undeniable Proof​

Can you believe this is only ONE photo!? To prove that DermaWand works, creator Christina Boves used DermaWand on only one side of her face for 12 weeks. And the results were truly unbelievable!

A 30 year beauty veteran, Christina wanted a smaller consumer version of the bigger more powerful High Frequency/Radio Frequency machines being used by professionals. But would a portable, less powerful device with a lower frequency and amplitude that‘s perfect for daily in-home use really work? The picture speaks for itself. The improvement in global appearance on the DermaWand side is obvious. The DermaWand® skin care phenomena had begun. And now,

•Over 2 million DermaWands sold
•DermaWand® is available in over 70 countries

Doctor’s Proven​

“What I do involves a lot with the skin and it’s amazing difference that I can actually see in patients who‘re had the DermaWand or had this. type of treatment versus those who have not”




Improve skin quality​

Blogger Yuen Yuen share her experience and usage of DemaWand. Just 3 minutes in the morning and evening, you can achieve the effect of removing lines, lifting and collecting pores.​

Must-have beauty magic wand​

Many people are too lazy to go to the beauty center to do facial so that blogger Yuet Yuet shares her home-use beauty device.​

用了一星期,覺得肌膚比較緊緻,眼紋淡咗了,眼尾都有被提拉!改菩了面部浮腫,效果理想,等我繼續勤力使用, 希望可以幫我減齡再減齡先!









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